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At its roots, all manner of divination is about discovering the truth. I aim to be honest in my readings.Readings can get intense sometimes, but that only means that it is that much more important to learn from them.


Astrology helped me identify patterns within myself that I had struggled to recognize on my own. It is my aim to push the boundaries of divination, learn all I can, and share this knowledge with those willing to listen.

Services and Products

Personalized Crafts

Personalized Crafts

Natal Chart Reading

Natal charts give us insight into who we are and our life purpose. This Natal Chart Reading includes ascendant and Chiron. Also includes …

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Custom Sigil Plaque

Bring positive vibrations into your situations. Liven up your space with a custom sigil attuned to your needs!

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Tarot Cards

So much information can be revealed in 3 little cards. Get the answer to your burning questions!

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